Meet Monster Lamont Monty Usher!

I mentioned in my 2015 birthday post that we adopted a dog! I had seen a beautiful Schnoodle (schnauzer-poodle) on and visited the website of the rescue organization, Mutts Matter Rescue, that was fostering him.

I had been hinting to Z for a while that we might be ready for a second dog, especially because have such a nice yard and so much love to give. After talking about it for a while — aka me bringing it up all the time — I got a text from Z saying “I think we should do it :)”


We had to do an application, phone interview, and home visit as well as a visit with Louis. We passed with flying colors and were able to pick up our new pup from his amazing fosters, Amy and Jim, on August 8, 2015.

Here’s our first picture as a family of four:


Monster (originally Lamont and then Monty) was rescued during an SPCA raid in North Carolina. He had been abandoned and neglected along with many other animals including ~28 horses. He had to have surgery on his back legs and undergo hydrotherapy for rehab. He has severe anxiety and probably always will. When we brought him home, he shook constantly and was scared of Z. When we’d take him for a walk, he’d go back and forth on the leash, quickly go to the bathroom, and want to run back home. He was scared of the back yard and bolted to the fence the one time we took his leash off. Did I mention that he also pees every night!? We have to buy potty pads in bulk at Costco!

We love this dog so much and know that we saved him! We don’t know much about his past but know that he will have a safe and loving home for the rest of his life! We call him Monster because Louis was getting confused when we called him Monty. I guess because the ending sound is the same.

Here are a few pictures of the first few weeks with our little Monster!

IMG_4456 IMG_4440 IMG_4439 IMG_4438  IMG_4433 IMG_4425 IMG_4432

(Because this post is a year and a half old — most people know what progress the Monster has made! He loves to cuddle, understands voice commands, runs and PLAYS in the backyard without a leash, does the cutest morning greeting, and looks up to his brother Louis in a big way. Unfortunately he still pees at night and gets scared  by laughing and loud noises but he has improved SO SO much! He is such a wonderful addition to our family)




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