Z&D’s August Birthdays (2015)

31 and 36! Another year of sharing a birthday week <3

For Z’s birthday on the 1st, we took Louis for a hike at Roosevelt Island and then went to Bluejacket in DC for beer and dinner and finished the night with a new show that was previewing at Arena Stage, Dear Evan Hansen — (it’s funny to write this now in Feb 2017 knowing how successful this show was in DC and now it’s even more successful on Broadway in New York!).

IMG_4366 IMG_4365 IMG_4363 IMG_4371 IMG_4367 IMG_4369 IMG_4373


2015 was a big birthday for me… On my actual birthday, the 6th, my coworkers surprised me with lots of treats! Z was out of town so I got to play with Avery and Gracie at the Arlington County Fair that evening.

On the Saturday after our birthdays, Z bought me a new computer, took me to brunch at Circa in Clarendon, got some kombucha at South Block, AND we got a new rescue pup (more on him later)!

IMG_4392 IMG_4389


IMG_4460 IMG_4457 IMG_4421IMG_4418   IMG_4419


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