Cottage Weekend // Chesapeake Bay

Friday night, we went out to dinner after what felt like a busy week! We got a drink at Twisted Vines before heading to dinner at Red Rocks. I love our neighborhood!


We came home and rented McFarland,USA with the pup!


We had quite the leisurely start to our Saturday morning. Eventually, we packed our stuff, dropped the pup off to hang with his grandpa and headed down to the Chesapeake Bay!


We stayed with some friends in their bay side cottage and it was just beautiful!


It was practically in the bay! We walked out on the back deck and saw this:


I didn’t take any other pictures because I was relaxing and enjoying my time eating, talking, and finding shark teeth!

We came home Sunday afternoon because we needed to yard work, house clean up and prep for the week. Hi little baby bunny!


I came home to an awesome surprise! A handmade quilt from my aunt who lives in NC. She used beautiful, retro-inspired fabric and I just love it! It gives a great pop of color to our gray couch.


There were specific instructions in her note to share with Louis…He approves!


We had so much rain last week and now the sun is out so our garden is super happy!




Z grilled last night and we had a big salad with the spicy radishes from our garden!


Usher Farm for the win!!


Back to the work week! As the summer goes on, the weekends get busier and busier! My June weekends are full already:

1st Weekend: Cottage

2nd Weekend: Pride Parade

3rd Weekend: Pike-a-Palooza // Columbia Pike Blues Festival

4th Weekend: Miami with Mom to visit A, S, and CARTER!! He turns 1 this week! I can’t wait to cuddle him <3


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