Weekend Fun and Other Things.

This is a random weekend post from this past weekend.

My weekend started on Friday, because I had the day off from work! My morning starting with 3/4 of the G’s! The occasion? Big M was graduating from preschool! Little M and I hung out in the back…with a snack catcher!

  D and Maddie maddieIMG_3958Miles graduates

Z and I ordered food in on Friday night and I got a treat: Coconut Bubble Tea!! It was super sweet and I mainly ate the tapioca and turned the coconut milk in to ice cubes for iced coffee.

coconut bubble tea

On Saturday, z and I ran a bunch of errands separately — I saw this sleeping bag but resisted the urge to buy it.walking bag

z brought home a bunch of beautiful flowers and a free bag of….lady bugs! So weird.


I got a free sample of Everlast Vegan Protein in the mail over the weekend and it made a nice addition to my morning smoothie!

 vegan protein powder sample

Saturday evening, we headed in to DC for a cookout with some friends — my contribution was banana pudding which brought back tons of childhood memories! We had a great time hanging out on the back deck and playing with silly Baxter!

  banana pudding  oh baxter

On Sunday, I woke up earlier than normal and worked on a few projects. The first was Martha’s pita bread (it came with a nice photo tutorial).

how to - pita dough starter dough dough ball pitas before bakingbaked pita

We had unexpected company on Sunday night after an event at Citywide with Colt McCoy from the Redskins. Mom, Dad, Jaybird, and Tony Bologna joined us for homemade pita bread, fresh salad, hummus, and paprika shrimp (also Martha).

impromptu dinner party medi feast

Speaking of Jaybird — he texted me to say that he’d be showing up to my house in an “unrecognizable SUV” but I didn’t think he meant a freakin’ Benz! That kid is doing big things… I’m mostly proud and only slightly jealous!

jason new car

I roasted a bunch of eggplant on Sunday that I had frozen last month (Thanks to TJs/Mom and Dad). It turned out ok, but was a little watery due to the freezing process. This is my new lunch box/bento — it comes with an insulated sleeve that fits really nicely into my backpack.


On an unrelated note — I just put this in my calendar and I’m thinking about getting a HP tattoo. Nerd alert.


DC/VA Tattoo recommendations are welcome!


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