In the kitchen last week…

We are just back from visiting z’s parents in North Florida (and celebrating our big birthdays). I have been a busy bee in the kitchen this week. Actually, I’ve been a busy bee with a lot of projects in general this week.

We got home two Friday nights ago, after a 10 1/2 hour drive. That Saturday morning we packed up smoothies and walked a few blocks down the road to watch the Arlington County Fair 5k.


My parents came over later to visit and go to the fair with us. I can’t handle this picture…


Now that we’re in our new house, we’re on the same street as the fair.


We pretty much headed straight to the food carts. I got veggie lomein with TONS of sriracha!


z got BBQ, mom got pad thai with grilled chicken, and dad got a sausage roll. Oh – and lots of lemonade! There’s something about a hot summer fair and cold lemonade that makes me so happy.


Mom and I headed inside to see all the ribbon winning cakes, flowers, vegetables, and art. We were especially interested the Reserve Grand Champion-winning Coconut Cake made by Sarah! We’re so proud!


z started a new position on Monday, so I wanted to make feed him well on Sunday night. I made baked cod with chili flakes and shallots, along with this baked squash. See those tomatoes? They’re from our little farm. 


On Monday, I made a big batch of coconut grits to eat for breakfast during the week. I boiled water, salt, and a can of unsweetened coconut milk before whisking in my quick grits. Super easy!


When it came time to eat, I finished the grits with a drizzle of maple syrup and a healthy sprinkle of unsweetened coconut flakes! So good!


Another successful project this week: Homemade Yeast Bread (the kind with real yeast, a dough hook,  and patience)


The loaves on the right have a nice sheen due to the whipped egg whites I brushed on top. I think they all turned out pretty well!


Veggie tortilla soup was on the menu for Monday.


My DIY project of the week was priming and painting a hideous piece of white/faux wood furniture that was left by the previous owner of this house.

This is after the first coat of primer:


After two coats of primer and two coats of yellow paint…


I will eventually get around to recapping my many vacations this summer, but I’ve just been so busy doing this:


Somebody find me a job. Seriously.


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