That One Time I Stepped On A Nail.

Let me set the scene: a Sunday afternoon, decked out in red, white, and blue, headed to watch the US v. Portugal game (several weeks ago).

We had just left the house and were walking to the bar when this went through my flip flop and in to my foot.


To make a long traumatic story short…I pulled the nail out, saw blood, passed out (and hit my head) as z was getting me in to the car, went to the ER, x-rays, tetanus shot (oh, the pain), drank a mini Sierra Mist…


…and got this beauty!


I’m sure it was shock/adrenaline but I was ready to go to the bar to watch the game…so I wrapped a flag around my foot and we were off! I even made it to Sherry’s 30th birthday party afterward! I paid for it all the next day and felt awful (tetanus shot hangover!).


This is how the rest of my week looked:




Sweet husband.



I bounced back by Friday and was walking without the boot! Good thing because we were leaving for a tropical adventure on Sunday…


…stay tuned for a recap of our Costa Rica trip!


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