Garden and Backyard Progress!

Let’s go back in to the archives to see what our backyard looked like when we bought our house in September…

redfin 8

Overgrown and scary!

redfin 9redfin 11

We immediately went to work removing/killing the English Ivy that had taken over and began to think about how many trees needed to come down.

This picture is after having some trees removed and clearing a lot of the brush/bushes.


This is the stump of the GIANT Locust from the middle of the yard – it was rotten on the inside! Scary.


Getting there…


After we had cleared as much as we could for the time being, Z tilled a patch of dirt and put up a fence for our new garden!


My awesome husband made this gate! Sweet!


Anaheim and Habanero peppers in a container. I painted the little rock markers to distinguish.


Planting potatoes.


Gardening bench.


This is our backyard and garden TODAY (May 9th) after lots of love and hard work:


I’m not sure who loves our backyard more…Z or the dog!


I think Louis has a slight edge because I haven’t seen Z roll in the grass…yet!


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