Two New Food and Wine Recipes

Whenever we get our Food & Wine magazine, it’s my #favoritemailday.

FW Readers Choice

Z and I each chose a recipe from this issue of Food & Wine magazine. Z’s choice was up first – any surprises that he chose shrimp? Nope, didn’t think so ;)


He was able to do everything in one pot! Hooray Le Creuset!

one potfinal shrimpies

So good. I should have licked my plate.

shrimp close

Two words: BUTTER, BABY!

I chose the next recipe!




This is z’s chicken in the homemade tomatillo sauce. I didn’t have any because my stomach wasn’t feeling the best.


z’s plate! Look at the taco holders – ahh!


z said the sauce was very mild (we’re used to big flavors and hot, hot heat). Props to my cousin Tony for these two condiments which saved the dish! Phew!


Trader Joe’s does salsa and hot sauce well!

It’s so fun to experiment – especially now that we have room to cook!


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