A New Name and a Shaggy Dog.

So – I officially changed my name! For those of you that have not gone through this process, I will tell you that it takes a lot of time and patience! I’m still in the process of changing everything over to my new name (and our new address), so things are a little confusing. I’m going by both names while I’m changing things over, so I don’t confuse everyone else! My doctor was happy for me but then said “Oh, now I have to change your folder…I hope we get some new ones soon!”

New name = new license (with a shorter name and shorter hair)!

New license on the left, old license on the right:

new license

So, what else has been going on? I’ve been making pancakes a lot! This recipe is a combination of things I found on the Internet with some tweaks based on how I like my cakes!

It’s super simple… a 6 oz. tub of greek yogurt (any flavor works, I like Chobani Lemon the best), 1/2 tsp. baking powder, 1 egg, and 3/4 cup almond meal!

almondmeal cakes

I recently purchased cashew meal at Trader Joe’s (they can do no wrong) and substituted it for the almond meal to change up my pancakes. The cashew meal is slightly more fine than the almond meal, so I added just a little more to my recipe and they tasted great! These babies keep you full for a LONG time!

cashew meal

This past Friday (date night!) I made a broiled mahi and spaghetti dish with sautéed carrots and tomatoes! We ate dinner before our date…

broiled mahi

…which was tree decorating at our new house!

xmas tree

Homemade ornament from our apple-themed wedding!

homemade ornament

Shaggy Louis approves!

louis and tree

louis and tree2

On Saturday, I joined my fam for some outlet shopping! Mom insisted on a picture:

fam xmas pic

That night, z and I headed to our friend Gina’s apartment for a holiday party! She is a major foodie and made all the small plates AND desserts! Super cute and YUMMY!

Left: chocolate cake topped with salted caramel frosting and chocolate stars

Right: chocolate tuxedo filled with a vanilla bean pudding/mousse, topped with cherries

(Thank you Tommy for letting me use your phone to take this picture! I just had to capture the magic ;)

Gina dessert

After a trip to the farmer’s market on Sunday, I was inspired to dehydrate some goodies! Sweet potatoes for the pup, and apples for z and I!


We have our Pike Family Christmas dinner on Saturday (can’t wait) and Christmas is next week! The holiday season is flying by! I’m loving all the family, friends and cookies!

I nominate this blog post as one of my most random posts ever! Hooray :)


p.s. we’re moving this weekend!!! Finally :)


One thought on “A New Name and a Shaggy Dog.

  1. HI D, love your blog. Just curious, two things, hope you post any Tightwad Recipes you try and can you highlight more about dehydration, it’s an interesting tactic.

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