Mexico: Dzibilchaltun

On the Thursday of my Mexico trip, Auntie M and I got a leisurely start and put on our white clothing for our trip to the Mayan ruins at Dzibilchaltun.

But first, breakfast at a lovely French bistro.


The food was great and the owners were super sweet.


Our tour guide picked us up in the city and drove us out to the Dzibilchaltun ruins. We walked on a path through the woods to get to the ruins…


…and they were incredible!


There were iguanas sunning themselves all over the place! Upon reviewing my trip pictures, I remembered taking about 50 pictures of all the iguanas! I spare you the 49 others:DSC_0498


The temple of The Seven Dolls


Mayan writing



The Cenote!


The fish were nibbling on her toes! It was hilarious!


The Seven Dolls found in the temple (hence the name). Our tour guide, Angel, told us, it was believed that the dolls portrayed people with disabilities and deformities, as they were seen as sacred and blessed due to their uniqueness. They were revered and were often given a place in the high temples.


This twine…


…is made from this plant!


After a lovely tour, we headed back to Merida and grabbed lunch.


I could not get enough of the fresh ceviche with fresh homemade tortillas!


Auntie M got pan de cazon which was similar to the dish we made on the culinary tour.


Jugo de Tamarind


Our day of culture continued with a hammock purchase, and a visit to the Olimpo Cultural Center for the Rembrandt exhibit.

Check out this time capsule!


Back home for dinner!




After dinner and a rest, we headed to El Cumbanchero on a tip that the band had connections to Buena Vista Social Club!


I was excited to see Ry Cooder and other BVSC memorabilia!


We didn’t stay until the end of the set because we had to get up early so that I could travel back home!

What a great trip to Merida! It was so nice to see how my aunt lives in a new country! I will definitely be back!


2 thoughts on “Mexico: Dzibilchaltun

  1. D– My Goodness, what a great photographer you are. Your perspective on the trip makes it sound so wonderful. Reading your blog was like visiting all those places again. How wonderful. Yes, it was a very good time! LLL, XX OO

    Your blog is fantastic — you are creative — think Big! Maybe a book, I can help if you want.

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