Mexico: Progreso Beach

The day after our culinary tour, Auntie M and I took it easy in the morning. We walked around and grabbed a frozen treat to cool us down!


We walked for a while and then bought bus tickets to Progreso, which is a beach just outside of Merida.



For lunch, we chose a restaurant on the beach. Like literally on the beach – our toes were in the sand! Los Henequenes!


Cold horchata!


Plantains with crema


Gigantic ceviche


Salmon, rice, and veggies


After a great lunch, we walked around town. It was a gorgeous day :)


After the bus ride home, we took a little siesta before meeting up with some of my aunt’s friends at La Chaya Maya!


I ordered the Brazo de Reina which translates to Queen’s Arm. It’s a tamale with masa, chaya (that leafy green you see on the plate), pepitas (pumpkin seeds), hard boiled eggs, and a lovely tomato sauce. It was so filling and rich! I loved it.


Auntie M ordered the Sopa de Lima (shredded turkey, tortilla strips, onion, tomato, sweet pepper, and Yucatan limes).


My aunt’s friend ordered the Queso Relleno (stuffed cheese). It looked so good but had meat in it so I didn’t sample.


This was the star of the show: Agua de Chaya!! Chaya leaves boiled down and made into a light, refreshing, barely sweet drink!


For dessert we had Caballeros Pobre which is a cross between french toast and bread pudding – sweeeet!


Great meal to end a beautiful day in Merida!

More Merida updates to come…


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