Merida–Day One–A Special Tour

After a good sleep, my aunt and I got up with plans for a tour that she had arranged. We met up with Jorge, from Adventures Mexico, and headed out!

I started asking Jorge all about the historic buildings and Merida’s history…


Just as we were about to enter the market, my aunt turns to me and tells me that this isn’t just any tour, it was a CULINARY tour!! I think I shrieked with excitement!! :)


The market was very busy and very hot! We passed by all different types of vendors including one selling shark!



The fruit was fresh and juicy! DSC_0393DSC_0394DSC_0395

After about 30 minutes or so, I started feeling weird. I got lightheaded and felt like I might pass out…Coke and empanadas to the rescue (and tons of water).


The veggie empanada came with a tomato sauce and was delicious! Just what I needed to get back on my feet! Yes, I was THAT tourist that couldn’t handle the heat! Good thing it was only that one time! Auntie M and Jorge got me feeling better in no time, and I was able to continue the tour and learn TONS about Mexican and Yucatecan cuisine!

Did you know that eating hot peppers can become addictive?

Did you know that a habanero anywhere but Mexico is considered a Scotch Bonnet pepper?

Did you know that even though habanero peppers are extremely spicy, they do not mess up your stomach like other peppers do?


Culinary tour – To Be Continued…


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