A Marry Eve of Christmas Eve

Sunday started off like a normal Sunday: Coffee, breakfast, dog walks, etc.

It continued on as a normal Sunday: Errands, football, sushi at Maruko.

We had to drop the pup off to be boarded while we were in Florida so we gave him his presents before he went!


After dinner we cracked open a bottle of wine, put on some Buddy Guy, and opened presents! I got a Le Creuset Dutch Oven! Freak out!! I got some other awesome stuff but don’t want to brag too much.


Stockings were last – z and I both gave each apple cider bourbon treats! Too funny! I thought the BBQ sauce was the last thing in my stocking…(because I felt the stocking the day before – shhh)!


It was NOT the last thing in my stocking. This was:


Surprise – we’re engaged and so excited!


I’m not going to go in to any additional details about the proposal for privacy and keepsake ;)


Marry Merry Christmas (#3)!


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