Pre-Thanks and Prep-Thanks 2012

Saturday was the 5th Annual Pre-Thanks with a bunch of buddies!

photo 2

Unfortunately I only have these three pictures because I wasn’t feeling well and left (pathetically) early. It’s always nice to see these guys though! Thanks to Katie and Ben for hosting!

I felt so sick that I stayed home from work on Monday and Tuesday! Crazy. I’m happy to say that I was able to see a pulmonologist and dermatologist on Monday…they loaded me up with prescriptions and I’m feeling a whole lot better!

Being sick didn’t mean I didn’t have to prepare for Thanksgiving…I was in charge of buying and brining the main event – A 15.31 pound Nature’s Promise turkey!

natures promise

The inspiration – this Williams-Sonoma Turkey Brine! My mom got it for z after he came back from California raving about his sister and brother-in-law’s brined turkey. Because he has been working in New York, he wasn’t available to brine, so I volunteered!

photo 1

Brining is definitely a long process. This thing was super heavy to get in to the fridge by myself! I bought this one-time use brining bag at Bed, Bath, & Beyond which was a huge space saver.


After the turkey was in the fridge, I started my gluten-free Flourless Chocolate Cake with Dark Chocolate Glaze! The recipe is from the Whole Foods website and was actually really simple! I got to try out my new spring form pan :)


It came out!


All glazed and ready for Thanksgiving dessert!


I will be back with my Thanksgiving Day recap along with the verdict on my brined turkey… Winking smile


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