Tom Kha Gai Soup!

Are you ready to see what I made with my Bangkok 54 Thai grocery store goodies…?

Tom Kha Gai Soup!

Ingredients: Mushrooms, Thai chilies, onion, limes, lemongrass, ginger, veggie broth, fish sauce, cilantro and coconut milk. The recipe I used (see link) gave great substitutions for things I couldn’t find (ginger for galangal root, lime zest for kaffir lime leaves, etc.).


Couldn’t be easier – everything, except the cilantro, goes in one pot at one time!


After it came to a boil, I covered it and put it on medium-low for 45 minutes (it’s longer because the Giants took a long time to win…).




Delicious! We added sriracha and house-pickled Thai chilies to add some more heat. I know this soup would be awesome with scallops and shrimp!


More adventures in the kitchen today…while we have power!

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