Marine Corps Marathon 2012

Today was an earlier Sunday than usual in our house! Z got up early to get ready for the 37th Annual Marine Corps Marathon! I got up so that I could drive him as close to the start as I possibly could!

I had spectating buddies this year: Hi Tommy and Eddie!


z stopped by at Mile 18 to say hi and get some fuel!


z had another cheering squad in Crystal City! They left this sign at our door after the race:


Thanks Ryan, Sarah, and Miles!

I hustled my butt to try and see z finish but met up with him just after he crossed the line!

I can’t believe he’s smiling! A 3:28 finish – over 11 minutes faster than 2 years ago!


I am so proud of my guy for completing his 2nd marathon! Amazing!


I think it’s going to be a low-key day…




We’re both off tomorrow! Thanks to the hurricane named after my momma! Seriously though – please stay safe everyone! The winds will be no joke and you will likely lose power.


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