Fall-Inspired Meals

I love fall ingredients. Love them. I am always inspired to do so much more cooking and baking in the fall. I think it’s a combination of the weather and the ingredients.

I was first inspired by this rice that came in my gfreely.com box this month.

photo 3

I already had a squash from the farmer’s market so I thought if I roasted it, the rice could be put in there after it cooked!

photo 2

We also had grilled swordfish and salad! Delicious fall meal!

photo 1

On Thursday, I was fall-inspired again by a stalk of brussels sprouts from Trader Joe’s!

Roasted sprouts and onions with smoked paprika.

photo 1

Gluten-free skillet cornbread (using Grandma B’s cast-iron skillet <3) – I can’t find the recipe I used but it was easy: cornmeal, baking powder, salt, sugar, oil, egg, milk, honey, and butter for the skillet.

photo 2

Garlic-infused quinoa.

photo 3

Grilled tuna and black cod!

photo 4photo 5

All together now – SO delicious!

photo 1

The black cod was frozen (USA!) and bought from Trader Joe’s. It was light and buttery! I will be buying that again!


Fresh fall flavors!

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