Nationals Game with Z’s Dad!

A couple Saturdays ago, z’s dad took a trip down South to spend the weekend with us! First up on our agenda – a Nationals Game!


We had the most perfect weather ever!


Before we found our seats, we searched for lunch! I stopped at Shake Shack for a Portobello “burger” and a black/white milkshake! z and his dad got pork BBQ sandwiches!


We had really great (padded) seats and could see everything!


Dierks Bentley threw out the first pitch!


His daughter came out to help. Super cute!


After the game, I went to go babysit M while z and his dad went out for sushi!

He sent me this picture with a message: “Sharing, not bragging!”


So I sent him this picture with the same message: “Sharing, not bragging!”


What a nice Saturday!


On Sunday, z had to study, so his dad and I went to an open house for fun. We had a nice dinner that night before z’s dad headed home! So nice to see you Mr. U come back any time :)


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