5-Year JFF Reunion

A couple weekends ago Heidi (hpants) and I headed to Ocean City for a tiny, tiny getaway. It just so happened that it was also the 5-year anniversary of our Just For Fun (JFF) Weekend in New Orleans! Crazy how time flies! Before I get to our reunion weekend, I thought it might be fun to take a look back to the original JFF Weekend…

JFF Top 10..and then some
-pickled beans
-‘did you just be dyslexic’
-me: the boy from the plane hasn’t called me…oh wait, he called and texted
you: on the floor with laughter
-walking 3 miles at 5:30AM
-the cutest picnic ever
-you trying cheese
-spilling soy sauce and James saying "my foot is marinated in soy"
-the married Wisconsin couple
-being tourons
-Ellipses scratching my face
-James saying ‘he is a gorgeous kitty’
-brick wall humidity
-the blurriest Sunday I’ve ever had
-Toto Africa
-clip board of fun
-triple spoon/cuddlefest
-Darryl, the Alton Brown look alike
AND #1…50 feet of toilet paper on my shoe leaving the bathroom at dba

jff weekend 2007

Fun times! Now back to 2012:

Heidi’s parents were super nice to let us stay the night on Friday so we could be closer to the beach. We were greeted by good company and fresh-out-of-the-oven apple cake! YUM!


Saturday morning we got up, had breakfast, and hit the road!


It was a gorgeous day without a cloud in sight!




After about 5 hours on the beach, we headed to Fager’s Island to cash in a gift card from Heidi’s Final Fling Before the Bling!


Crab dip with avocado chips and bread.


Monster salads with salmon and swordfish!




We headed home after dinner but felt full and refreshed!


Good idea Heidi! Let’s do it again…now!

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