Short Weekend in Lexington, VA

A couple weekends ago z and I drove down to Lexington, VA with D and K. D’s mom recently bought a beautiful home in Lexington and graciously offered to let us stay down for a weekend. We drove down late on a Friday night and woke up refreshed on Saturday, ready to take on the town (all 2.5 square miles)!


Our first stop was z’s alma mater: Washington and Lee University



z gave us a great tour of the campus and we got to see where Robert E. Lee was entombed (inside this chapel!).


My number one priority was to visit Traveller!


After our tour, z took us to a campus favorite restaurant The Palms for lunch.


We did some grocery shopping then went home to change in to our bathing suits so we could go swimming at Goshen Pass. K took pictures with her waterproof camera, so I don’t have any but I think that’s ok. Me in a bathing suit this summer is not pretty. We had a TON of fun swimming, laughing, finding natural waterfalls, seeing water snakes, and jumping off rocks!

After a long day of swimming, we came back to start grilling dinner!


The sunset was beautiful!


K and I were enjoying our beverages, when we were greeted by a new friend…


We named him Fido and he stuck around all night…


Check out our candlelit dinner:


Even Fido got to enjoy a piece of pork…


After dinner, we enjoyed some chocolate and a nice fire!


The gentlemen (and cat) enjoyed cigars brought back by K from Central America.



The weekend went by too fast but we had such a great time! Can’t wait to do it again!!


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