Idina Menzel at Wolf Trap!

On August 3rd, z and I headed to Wolf Trap to see Idina Menzel (aka Maureen in RENT, Elphaba in Wicked, and Rachel’s mom on Glee).

I prepared z with my Pandora station…

photo 1

We packed sandwiches and gluten-free beer!

photo 2

Can we talk about how awesome my boyfriend is for not only accompanying me to this concert, but for enjoying it too!?! Holler.

photo 3photo 4

Later I switched to red wine!

photo 5

Oh, Idina! You moved me. Your talent. Your humor. Your genuine spirit.

photo 2 (2)

Ok guys, I cried. I can’t even lie about it. I was so moved (and GLEEked out) by her performance that the tears were streaming down my face.

Let’s move on.

I came home and downloaded tons of Idina.

Moving on again.

I can’t stop listening to the RENT soundtrack.

I have a problem.

If you guys get a chance to see Idina while she’s touring…DO IT :)


No day but today…


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