Z’s 33rd Birthday!

So, yesterday was z’s birthday. His 33rd birthday to be exact. He took the whole week off so I could have him all to myself he could rest!

I made him a beautiful berry breakfast with french toast, fresh berries, and a farmer’s market peach! After I submitted my final paper of my graduate school career (HOLLER!!!!) we set out, with the pup, to a nearby creek!


tennis ball

Hesitant Louis.

louis in water

Super nervous Louis.

clinging to mom

When z got in the water, Louis became more interested but was still scared…

pup and z

…until z dumped him in!

z and pup2

Wet dog!

bold louis

z and pup3

After a little warming up, Louis got really adventurous and ended up loving the creek!

wet puplazy louislouis and d

Look at him go, all by himself!

in the waterz and louis2

Louis and mom photo-shoot!

z's birthday 2012

Finally a good one! Louis, z, and I had such a great time! Hooray for a successful first swimming lesson.

d and louis

After our romp in the creek, we headed straight to the pool! It was hot out there! It felt like a private pool since there were only 2 people there besides us! For dinner, we hopped on public transportation and headed in to DC!

Pre-dinner drinks at Jaleo: Sangria for z and a Clara cocktail for me (gluten free Estrella Damm beer mixed with homemade lemonade and orange bitters). My drink was seriously amazing! I will be recreating this one at home…

(z flashing the big 3-3)

33 drinks

We only planned on having drinks there before dinner but then I saw oysters sitting on ice at the raw bar at the end of the bar so we decided to get an order! These were no ordinary oysters – they were Gin and Tonic oysters with lemon zest! YUMM!

gin oysters

After our little happy hour, we walked about a block down the street to Hill Country. z’s request for dinner was “BARBECUE,” so we knew Hill Country would be our best bet! 

Drinks in mason jars <3

hill country drinks

You might ask “Hm, how will a pescatarian eat a barbecue joint?”

Amazing, vegetarian side dishes! That’s how! We got the bourbon mashed sweet potatoes, corn pudding, corn bread, chipotle deviled eggs, and cucumber salad! They were all really good but our consensus was that the corn pudding and cucumbers were the best!

 lots of food

For z’s main event – 1.4 pounds of dry rubbed and smoked pork ribs!

Doesn’t he look like a kid on Christmas!?

excited for ribs

The ribs came with plain white bread which is just plain weird.

big ribs

No pork for me – just an 8-Layer Dip cocktail which is basically a bloody mary using Tito’s vodka with an addition of Sauza tequila and a salt and pepper rim!

7 layer dip

Our server was super sweet and brought z a PB&J cupcake with a candle!

pbandj cupcake

Handsome guy :)

birthday boy

We were SUPER stuffed and could only eat half the cupcake. We needed a loooong walk afterwards! We finished the night with the Olympics and cuddles with the pup!

What a fun day!!

Happy Birthday z! Te amo mucho!


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