Cucumber Mojito Popsicles (Kid-Friendly)!

Hot weather makes me want cool treats. I have always loved a good popsicle so I decided to break out my under-utilized ZokuPop maker! I searched my fridge and the internet and found this recipe for awesome summer popsicles!


The ingreendients: water, limes, cucumbers, mint, and sugar! If you wanted to make these really fun (for adults only), I think you could add a little rum to the mix!!

photo 2

I muddled the mint in the sugar to release all the oils!

photo 3

I used the sugar and mint mixture to make a simple syrup (with water) but only strained half of the mint because I like the texture.

photo 4

While the syrup was reducing, I pureed the cucumbers in the blender.

photo 5

After I mixed all the ingredients, I put them in my pop maker for about 8-9 minutes!

photo 1

VOILA! Green, refreshing popsicles!

photo 3

I love summer.


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