Sweatin’ on Saturday!

Last night z and I met up with DLF in DC. Our original plan was to go to Jazz in the Garden like we have done so many times in the past. However, it was ridiculously crowded and there was nowhere to put our blanket!

The group consensus was to get out of there fast and get to a bar with outdoor seating!

sports tavern



The guys got 23 ounce beers and I stuck to pinot grigio. This was one of several rounds…we sat there for about 4 hours chatting, drinking, and watching the US men’s soccer team beat Antigua & Barbuda. Jermaine Jones…sigh!

Jermaine Jones Midfielder Jermaine Jones #13 of Team USA battles midfielder Lawson Robinson #15 of Team Antigua and Barbuda for the ball during the FIFA World Cup Qualifier Match at Raymond James Stadium on June 8, 2012 in Tampa, Florida.


This morning, after a tasty breakfast of Koala Crisp cereal (basically gluten free cocoa krispies) and lots of coffee, I felt like I wanted to go for a jog!

Temperature: 89 Degrees Fahrenheit aka HOT. Note the red face.

Route: THE LOOP!!

Distance: 3.08 miles

Sweat Factor: High


As soon as I came home, Louis went to town! He loves licking sweat. Wait no, he’s obsessed with licking sweat! Lucky for him his dad is an avid runner so he gets his fill of salt…


On an unrelated note, I am so happy that our flowers (from z’s parents) are still super happy after a week!

flowers in silk

I LOVE the vase that z’s mom made :) It’s an almond milk carton! How clever!


almond flowers

Ok, now that I’ve cooled down and chugged water, I’m ready for the pool!


Happy, happy Saturday!


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