Memorial Day Weekend at Rehoboth Beach!

On the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, z and I got up early to drive to Rehoboth Beach! My uncle and his wife (and daughter and cat and dog) live down there and my parents were also going to visit!

We saw this predator-like machine driving down the road…pretty cool!

crazy truck

Once we got in and unpacked we sat and talked with my uncle while we waited for everyone to get back from a bike ride. When they had returned, we packed up and got ready for the beach!!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous: clear skies and a warm breeze! The water however, was extremely cold! Those who know me, know that I DO NOT do cold water! z and my parents were chatting while I was half asleep on a towel about how they didn’t think they could even get me in the water for a hundred dollars.

The poor graduate student in me woke right up… “What was that?”

“Oh, we don’t think you’d get in even if we gave you a hundred dollars.”

“How about a shopping spree at the outlets?”

“Ha, sure, we still don’t think you’ll go in…”

d in suitd in suit2d in water

Take that. Outlets, here I come…


It was cold. I think my heart stopped. But I went in…all the way in! I even put my head under. Did I mention that it was cold?? Oh well. J. Crew is worth it!

I was quickly wrapped in a towel! I think my cousin was impressed…

d and rach

After lounging on the beach and grabbing lunch, we headed back to the house to go to the pool and then eat some dinner!

Look at this monkey fan…I want it.

cute fan

Dinner was a spread of everything: caprese salad, veggies, chips, guacamole, cheese, chicken wings, etc.

beach buffet

And…Firefly Arnold Palmer’s! YUM!

sweet tea


scooter pup

On Sunday morning we rode bikes a few miles to Lewes, DE which a super cute little town!

cruiser bikes

We got coffee and breakfast at a place called Café Azafran! I got plain yogurt with honey and z shared his preserves with me!


After breakfast we rode back and lounged for a while, prepping food for a beach barbeque! I, sadly, didn’t take any pictures at the beach, but it was good food with good people (and puppies!!)!

It felt so nice to get away for a short vacation and to spend time with family!

Thanks Uncle Kerry and Alison!!!


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