Pepita-Crusted Tofu

Remember that cookbook I got in the mail from my sister in law? Well, I finally put it to good use!


With a nut sensitivity, I eat a lot of sunflower and pumpkin seeds (or pepitas)! This recipe sounded so good, so I was excited to try it out!


First things first – PRESS THE TOFU! This helps get the water out and gives the tofu a much better consistency!


Next, marinate the tofu. I used Bragg’s Amino Acids instead of soy sauce to eliminate the wheat.


While the tofu marinated, I ground up the pepitas, garlic, and pickled jalapenos for the crust.


Dredging is a messy, messy process. I coated the marinated tofu in cornstarch, brushed it with oil, and then pressed on the pepita crust.


All lined up and ready to bake for 15 minutes on each side.


I had my tofu with rice noodles and red curry sauce! YUM!


This recipe made a ton of leftovers, so I cut up the tofu and put it on my salad for lunch! Amazing :)


A great recipe to start off the book with! Can’t wait to try more…


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