Wait, I have a blog?

I got this text today:


Thanks, Foca! I needed a swift kick in the pants. I almost forgot I even had a blog!

I haven’t really been taking pictures of my food but believe me, I’ve been eating.

I had some random pictures on my camera and phone so I will post them and call this a blog post.

We finally got to try William Jeffrey’s Tavern a couple weeks ago! It’s right up the street and the inside is just beautiful!

We started off with a couple drinks and a YUM appetizer:

FRIED OYSTERS: Cornmeal-crusted Blue Point oysters with pickled vegetables & housemade tartar sauce. The oysters were fresh and tasty, but the pickled vegetables stole the show! So unique, crunchy and delicious!

photo 1

z ordered the CIOPPINO: Scallops, shrimp, oysters, mussels, clams & fresh fish simmered in a tomato, fennel-saffron stew with toasted baguette. It was super tasty, but the one from Legal Seafoods is still the best!

photo 2

At the last second, our sweet server mentioned a swordfish special that sounded too good to pass up! It had a potato puree, stewed veggies, and a beautiful piece of swordfish! Amazing :)

photo 3

William Jeffrey’s is definitely one we will keep on rotation!


We went to the National Gallery of Art on February 12th. It was chilly but quiet down on the mall. We saw some “Rothko’s.”

There was beautiful waterfall on the walk from the West Building to the East Building:

photo 4

Later that week, I made kale and chickpea soup with gluten free noodles!

photo 5

A z-made dinner: grilled mushroom-stuffed peppers with gluten-free mac and cheese! z had a steak…


I still have more to update but remember…I’m a grad student and I’ve procrastinated enough! Work to do…


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