Super Bowl XLVI–Giants Win!!

Super Bowl Sunday! A day for fun, food, friends, and football!


We started our food prep the day before with 6 pounds of pork that we dry rubbed with mustard, cayenne, garlic, S&P, and brown sugar. After a good rub down, the pork was wrapped in plastic and kept it in the fridge over night.


We got inspiration and techniques from this recipe on one of my favorite food blogs! After we took the pork out of the fridge, we browned the meat on all sides before putting it in the crock pot.


Half of a sliced onion went on the bottom before the pork.


6 pounds of pork in the crock pot with some Worcestershire and Stubb’s Original BBQ Sauce.


For the non-meat eaters…aka ME… I made a veggie chili with sweet potatoes and cocoa powder based on a recipe from Real Simple!


Battle of the Crock Pots!


Our friends started arriving around 5 and everyone brought amazing food and drink! Look at this table!!




There was a lot of beer consumed over the course of the night! I stuck to this new gluten-free beer that was super tasty!!



Noah, Miles, and Louis all in the same picture…I can’t stand the cuteness!


After a little while, the party got a little crazy…


And by crazy, I mean, an almost two year old sitting in his monkey toy box! Uh oh…


I didn’t get to watch much of the first three quarters but I did get to see the halftime show and the entire fourth quarter! My voice was so horse from screaming!! Everyone was pretty riled up for the last few minutes of the game and THE GIANTS WON!! I am a surrogate fan because the Giants are z’s team! HE WAS PUMPEDDDD!!  To celebrate, I cracked open the bubbly:


After our guests left z decided it was necessary to put his jersey on the dog…


We cleaned up a lot before bed but there was still a good amount to do in the morning! We were left with tons of food and beer!




This dog is wiped out!


So is my boyfriend. In fact, I think he’s snoozing as I write this…


Happy Super Bowl! GO GMEN!!!

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