Recent Eats…

I guess I’ve been busy doing other things besides blogging lately. Well, I’m back for now ;) We’ve been cooking and eating well, so I’m here with a couple recipes and pictures for you…

I found a recipe for Baked Coconut Lentils on my Whole Foods App and knew I wanted to experiment.

Ingredients: lentils, onions, shredded coconut, ground ginger, Bragg’s liquid aminos (gluten free soy), turmeric, coconut spread, and…

Blog Pictures 003


Blog Pictures 006

I sautéed the onions in the coconut spread first, then added the spices. After the onions were soft and nicely colored, I added 6 cups of water, the bag of lentils and the chopped dates.

Blog Pictures 007

While the lentils cooked, I made an Indian-inspired marinade for the tilapia with plain greek yogurt, lime juice, curry, turmeric, S&P, and cumin.

Blog Pictures 008

The fish and marinade went in to the fridge to hang out while everything else was cooking.

Blog Pictures 009

After the lentils cooked for 30 minutes on the stove, I transferred them to the oven!

Blog Pictures 010Blog Pictures 011

z cooked the tilapia when the lentils were almost ready to come out.

Blog Pictures 013Blog Pictures 016

The pup stayed close to supervise…

Blog Pictures 018Blog Pictures 019

Along with the lentils and fish we had a nice fresh salad!

Blog Pictures 020

YUM! The meal turned out great. Neither of us really tasted the coconut flavor which would have been nice, but it was still delicious. We had TONS of leftovers which is great for lunches!

Blog Pictures 022

Another night this week, z stopped at the store after work and picked up two beautiful swordfish steaks, herbs, and some red potatoes. Paired with some steamed green beans this was an awesome dinner!

photo 1photo 2

This blog used to be about packing my lunch (which I still do every day), but I stopped taking pictures! Oops! For nostalgic purposes I snapped a picture of the lunch I packed on Friday when I was at a Professional Development training.

Sunbutter and peach jam on gluten free bread, banana slices, a honeybell, and a gluten free granola bar!

photo 3

Things are good in general. Classes start this week so it’s about to get really busy. I can’t say when my next blog post will be but I was never really a daily blogger anyway…and hey, at least I’m consistently inconsistent ;)


peace out and congrats to the GIANTS!


One thought on “Recent Eats…

  1. D– you really make food sound and look good. That coconut lentil recipe sounds fantastic.

    P.S. Hope you find your health solution.

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