New Year’s Eve 2011

It’s 2012. Woa – 2011 went by super fast! New house, new pup, and a new internship!

z and I had 9:30pm dinner reservations for Oyamel Cocina Mexicana (Mexican Kitchen) in DC for New Year’s Eve.

Because the reservation was so late, we made sure to relax and snack before we left. After getting ready, I came downstairs and z said “Want to do shots of tequila?” Um…sure? I walked to the dining room and it was already set up:

photo 1


photo 2

We got to Oyamel around 9:15 and they sat us right away. There was a live band just getting started and we chose to sit at a table where we could hear them! So festive!

We went all out and did a four-course dinner, a five-course drink pairing, AND dessert!

photo 1

First drink (with chips and salsa): Mini Oyamel: José Andrés’ personal favorite with Milagro blanco, Luxardo triplum, fresh lime juice and ‘salt air’


photo 2

Before we finished our first drink, our second drink came out: Margarita Soda with Smoked Sea Salt Air – it was like a fizzy margarita! Yum.

photo 3

z and I made sure to order four different plates so we could share.

The first plate out was the “Gaspacho” estilo Morelia: From the historic city of Morelia, a salad of seasonal fruit, jicama root, cucumbers, queso fresco and chile pequín

photo 4

Next up were the ceviches:

This was z’s Hawaiian Marlin Ceviche with chilies, grapefruit, and mint

photo 5

I ordered the Ceviche de huachinango: Red snapper with avocado in salsa mexicana of tomato, sweet onion, cilantro and lime juice – One of my favorites of the night!

photo 1

The third drink was…weird. It was a super sweet, syrupy strawberry and chocolate cordial cocktail called Amore Ponche. We drank them…but they were not our 2

Next up: Hawaiian Blue Prawns grilled with a cilantro herb puree.

photo 3

The one thing I knew I wanted to order before we even got to the restaurant was…the Col de bruselas estilo San Quintín: Crispy brussel sprouts with an arbol chile sauce, pumpkin seed, peanuts and lime

photo 4

Moving on to the fourth drink – please be forewarned, I’m pretty excited about this one! Get ready…I think this was the best wine I’ve ever had. Now, this may be for many reasons: a) we were three drinks in already, b) we just had a drink that was less than stellar, and/or c) it was just amazing wine.  It could be a combination of all three, but let me introduce to you:

KENNETH-CRAWFORD, Grenache, Larner Vineyard,

Santa Ynez Valley, CA 2007

Menu Description: Gorgeous Grenache with classic expressions of strawberry and white pepper.

Denise’s Description: Delicious. Please give me more.

Come to mama!

photo 5

Ok, moving on to the next dish Cayo de hacha con pipián de chile pasilla: Seared scallops with a pasilla chile and pumpkin seed sauce, orange segments, pumpkin seed oil and toasted pumpkin seeds.

I was pretty stuffed at this point but managed to eat 3/4 of a scallop that z so nicely shared with me. They were perfectly cooked. I feel like I don’t have the right adjectives to describe how tasty this dish was. It was so balanced: creamy and crunchy, earthy and bright, awesome and amazing…

photo 1

I couldn’t believe we still had food coming…my last plate of the night was a Hawaiian Blue Prawn taco with avocado and fresh salsa! I ate most of it but z helped finish it off for me!

photo 3

When it was time for dessert I didn’t think I wanted anything but then it came out and that whole “I’m full” thing went out the window…

Jericalla de chocolate con maracuya: Oaxacan chocolate custard with a Mexican-origin chocolate sorbet, passion fruit gelatin, chocolate and pumpkin seed

photo 4

Pastel de tres leches con piña: A traditional cake, soaked in Coruba rum and three kinds of milk, with a rum and milk foam, fresh pineapple gelatin and a pineapple salsa, served with a scoop of caramel ice cream

photo 5

Both desserts were crazy delicious, but the tres leches took the cake…literally! Amazing.

Ok, so now I’m back to the whole “I’m full” thing and out comes our final drink – a Tejate cocktail! According to my “research,” Tejate is a Mexican drink made with toasted cacao, corn and flowers! It was thick and strong…and I couldn’t drink all of it!

photo 1

When I thought all consumption had concluded…we were given free champagne for the New Year’s toast!

photo 2

We counted down the last seconds of 2011 and welcomed 2012 with a Mexican band, lots of people, full bellies, and happy hearts!


!!FELIZ 2012!!


minus z

Side note: This was a really good picture of z and I, but you know his rule “no face on the blog,” so I cropped him out to show you how festive I was!


Happy 2012 to you all! I hope your year is filled with love, laughter, blessings, fun, and good food!

Want to check out our other trips to Oyamel? You can find them here and here!


3 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve 2011

  1. Boy, D, you really know how to eat. What a NYE meal! So sweet of you to post my pics of my NYE dishes. It will take me a few days to write down all those menu items you had, so I can find them here in MX!! Happy New Year 2012!!! LLL, Auntie, m

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