Christmas Eve 2011

Christmas Eve kind of snuck up on us. It just didn’t feel like Christmas…

Instead of putting presents under our tree, we had to put them with our TV so the pup wouldn’t rip them open…

Christmas 2011 050Christmas 2011 053

We wanted to wait to open presents until after dinner…but then we gave Louis his presents and I nagged z until he said ok couldn’t wait any longer!

Christmas 2011 056

“This is my new friend Sam. I love him.” – Louis, the pup

Christmas 2011 058

We thought we might just open one each…and then this happened.


Christmas 2011 059Christmas 2011 060Christmas 2011 061Christmas 2011 062Christmas 2011 064Christmas 2011 065

One of the highlights from opening gifts was watching z open his stocking sent by his parents.

Inside…one random licorice rope. HAHAHA! I found it quite hilarious.

Christmas 2011 068Christmas 2011 069Christmas 2011 070

After lots of presents it was time to get ready for church!

Christmas 2011 085Christmas 2011 086

Check out my new jewelry! Thanks z :)

Christmas 2011 087

We walked to a church up the street from us for Christmas Eve service. It was really nice to go to church! We were pretty hungry and the service was super long, so we left close to 8pm.


z fired up the grill while I got the veggie skewers ready.

Christmas 2011 089Christmas 2011 091

Christmas 2011 093

Veggies over rice (in preparation for a week of gluttony).

Christmas 2011 097

After dinner we grilled some chestnuts…over an open fire.

Christmas 2011 092Christmas 2011 094Christmas 2011 096

I don’t know if we cooked them long enough because they were a little weird. It was fun to do since the Christmas Song is so iconic. :)Christmas 2011 100

It was a nice Christmas Eve with my boys. Christmas called for an early wake up call, so we went to bad early!


Coming up: Christmas recaps!


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