Christmas 2011–Part III

Our final stop on Christmas was Pop Pop’s house. We lost Pop Pop less than a month ago, so this Christmas was not the same but his presence was definitely felt.

Uncle Kerry and Alison worked so hard to get his house in the Christmas spirit. All of his favorite ornaments were up on the tree!

Christmas 2011 222

Flowers, food, and family. Lots of all three!

Christmas 2011 227Christmas 2011 228Christmas 2011 232Christmas 2011 233Christmas 2011 234Christmas 2011 236Christmas 2011 238Christmas 2011 239Christmas 2011 241Christmas 2011 242

You’d think this was my first, not third, meal of the day…

Christmas 2011 243Christmas 2011 244

Time for the gift exchange…

Christmas 2011 247Christmas 2011 248

SCOOTER!!!Christmas 2011 249

Christmas 2011 258

Christmas 2011 251Christmas 2011 252

I picked lucky number 12 which won me the Salt Block!

Christmas 2011 256Christmas 2011 259Christmas 2011 261

Terri modeling her new scarf…

Christmas 2011 267

z displaying his new mini djembe…

Christmas 2011 269

Mom picked beer. Haha! She said “well good, now we have our year’s supply!”

Christmas 2011 271

Brother and sis-in-law, Shawn and Amanda!

Christmas 2011 274

So much family. So blessed.

So much food. So stuffed.

So much Christmas. So tired.


That concludes the final Christmas post!


I hope everyone had a great Christmas! We sure did!


One thought on “Christmas 2011–Part III

  1. Awesome pictorial of your Christmas. LOVED seeing your fam again! It’s been forever, I think! So happy you had a wonderful Christmas. We did, too! Matthew came down for a visit and it was so good for my soul to be able to hug him. Love you, kiddo! <3

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