Christmas 2011–Part II

Next stop on Christmas was Grandma B’s house. At first I thought it was a little strange having it at her house because she recently passed away, but once we got there, the house was filled with family, love and memories! I wouldn’t have changed a thing!

Aunt Minda worked SO hard to get all the food ready! <3

Christmas 2011 169

Wenda helped too…

Christmas 2011 170

Lots of family…Christmas 2011 172

Christmas 2011 194

Christmas 2011 175

Christmas 2011 189

Lots of food…

Christmas 2011 177Christmas 2011 178

Time to eat!

Christmas 2011 182Christmas 2011 183Christmas 2011 184Christmas 2011 185


Christmas 2011 191

Roast beef.

Christmas 2011 171

Christmas 2011 198

Caprese salad.

Christmas 2011 199Christmas 2011 203Christmas 2011 204


Christmas 2011 206Christmas 2011 212Christmas 2011 216Christmas 2011 217

Christmas 2011 192Christmas 2011 213

Everything was delicious and the house was beautiful! We enjoyed coffee, dessert and a gift exchange before we had to move on to the next house!

Off to Pop Pop’s house next…


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