A Truly Mexican New Year’s Eve.

As you know, z and I went to a Mexican restaurant to celebrate New Year’s. I like to think it was an “authentic” Mexican meal, but below you will find a TRULY MEXICAN New Year’s Eve meal!

My aunt lives in Mexico and sent me these pictures to show how she celebrated her New Year’s, Mexican style! She sent me this sweet email with the description of all the food! I begged her to let me put them on the blog, and I’m so glad she was cool with it! I think being a foodie runs in the family…

From my aunt’s email:

Left to right, Rosca de Reyes cake (with a hidden trinket), Lentil Salad, Bacalao Guisado (Cod Fish Stew), Sidra (Sparkling Cider), and grapes (eat 12 just before midnight and make a wish with each one). Quite colorful. The stew was better when I added fresh squeezed lime juice (Yea! limes!!). The cake was store bought but good.

NYE and NYD menu

Bacalao Guisado 2011Lentil Salad

I loved seeing these pictures and reading the descriptions! So fun and festive…now I’m in the mood for lentils! Note to self: add lentils to your shopping list ASAP!


Thanks for sharing, Auntie!! Feliz Año Nuevo!

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