Friday Night at P. Brennan’s

Being on winter break is pretty amazing. I get to sleep in, hang out with Louis and get things done! As of Friday, I had already been on break for 3 days, so we semi-celebrated and went to P. Brennan’s for Friday Night Date Night!

We ordered some drinks – Guinness for z and Merlot for me, then we moved on to an appetizer:

Grilled Marinated Calamari with fingerling potato, tomato, red peppers & chimichurri – YUM!

photo 1

For dinner, I ordered the huge Blackened Salmon Salad with roasted beets, avocado, tomato, spring mix & raspberry vinaigrette! The salmon was cooked perfectly! Also…YUM!

photo 2

z ordered what I would have ordered if fried foods didn’t kill my stomach the Scallops and Chips which were large beer battered scallops, coleslaw, cocktail sauce, french fries and onion rings! Holy cow the scallops were off the hook or off the net? How do you catch (harvest?) scallops? Anyway, moving on. I had to try a scallop. I just had to and it was amazing. AMAZING.

photo 3

A solid, seafood-filled meal at P. Brennan’s. Delicious.


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