In Memory of my Pop Pop.

As some of you know, my Pop Pop died last week, at the age of 91. I visited him in the hospital two days before he died to say goodbye. We went to his funeral this week and were surrounded by lots of love and memories. Life is tough sometimes.

I met Pop Pop in August of 1984…when I was born. At the time of my birth I had six grandparents, now I don’t have any. Life is not always fair.

Pop Pop has always been someone that I looked up to. He was so well-accomplished, smart, and witty. He taught me how to love cooking! God knows this blog would have surely suffered without Pop Pop’s influence…actually, let’s be serious – there would be no blog without Pop Pop. Whenever we talked, he always told me about the latest thing he was cooking up in the kitchen. It was so fun to have someone to share my recipes with him. Life is best when shared with amazing people.

I’m not sure Pop Pop believed in Vegetarians. But, this will tell you how much he loved me…he made me tofu once! Pretty amazing…

Pop Pop had lots of World War II stories. His memory was super strong until the day he died.


Pop Pop and Grandma Jean – married over 50 years!!



Pop Pop loved his family so much!

Christmas 2010 339

He especially loved his seven grandchildren! No matter what we did or how we were related; he proudly claimed all of us!

Christmas 2010 341



Thank you Pop Pop, for everything.

For listening to me complain, though you never did.

For humoring my many different “phases,” though your love for me never changed.

For wanting to be in my life at all times, though I called less than I should have.

For understanding how important it was to keep the family together…

For all this and more, I love you and will miss you so much.



This has been a tough couple of months, losing my last two grandparents, finishing the semester, and just trying to keep my head above water. I am hanging in there with the support of my loving family and friends. No idea how I’d make it without them…

I’m getting excited for Christmas, but know how different this year will be…things change, people pass away, and traditions get reinvented, but the memories of our loved ones are always with us. Life continues.<3


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