Thanksgiving 2011.

I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Cooking, food, family, fun, staying in one place…what’s not to love!

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Dad and I made the turkey this year.

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This is funny because I do not eat turkey and my dad has never cooked a turkey before. This means that, yes, we left the giblet bag in the turkey…for three hours…while it was in the oven. Oops.

Blog Pictures 041

Ah yes, acorn squash…this is my wheelhouse! Unless I forget about it in the toaster oven and start to smell something burning.

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The pup was just hanging out while we cooked…

Blog Pictures 045

Kasey and the bird made piggies in a blanket.

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Blog Pictures 050

LOTS of piggies in a blanket.

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I made Cream Biscuits with Dill.

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Brie, cranberry, pear, and mini toast platter.

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Huge appetizer spread!

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Blog Pictures 062

Dad making a fire!

Blog Pictures 063

Kasey and Louis!

Blog Pictures 066

Mom and Jason!

Blog Pictures 067

Mom and Kasey!

Blog Pictures 070

The gang playing some cards before dinner.

Blog Pictures 071

Blog Pictures 076Blog Pictures 077

Time to make vegetarian stuffing:

Blog Pictures 078

I sautéed onion, dill, and rosemary before adding the veggie broth.

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Jason got to carve the turkey this year!

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My amazing plate: Acorn squash with stuffing and cranberry sauce, mashed sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, deviled egg, and a dill biscuit! Yum!

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Johnny showed up…a little late, but we saved him some food ;)

Blog Pictures 106

When it was time for dessert I headed over to the Kitchen Aid and made homemade whipped cream…

Blog Pictures 111

…for my salted caramel pie!

Blog Pictures 112

I was proud…

Blog Pictures 115Blog Pictures 116Blog Pictures 119

My parents are cute.

Blog Pictures 142

So is my cousin.

Blog Pictures 153Blog Pictures 159

Family portrait!

Blog Pictures 163Blog Pictures 164

Uh, let me explain…I was doing the “Dougie” and my mom thought it would be ok to take a picture. Not ok.

Blog Pictures 165

On that note…Happy Thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful for!


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