iPhones, Dinner, and a Movie!

We finally got iPhones! We headed to the mall last night to get our new phones, get some dinner, and see a movie! It was a full Saturday night!

I’m so excited about the quality of the iPhone pictures compared to the old Blackberry! Much better!

For dinner, we chose another new restaurant: Rustico

image_1 (2)

They had a really great menu and a HUGE beer list!


z got a Pepper Porter which was dark and rich with a pepper kick at the end. It was really interesting!

I got a little taster of Dogfish Head’s Immort Ale which is oak-aged and has maple syrup, peat-smoked barley, juniper berries, and vanilla. It was 11% ABV, so I’m glad I only got a little one! Yum!


I love salads as appetizers! z got the Boston Bibb which came with Bibb lettuce, almond granola, white cheddar, gala apples, onion, and cider vinaigrette. It looked beautiful!


I ordered the Salt Roasted Beet Salad with arugula, goat cheese fondue, and blood orange vinaigrette. I don’t typically like arugula or creamy dressings, but this was amazing! I ate every bite!


For dinner, I decided to try the Roasted Mushroom pizza with a chickpea (gluten-free)crust. The pizza was topped with a mushroom cream, goat cheese, and spinach! OMG. So good! So filling! I took half the pizza home! Leftovers rule.


z won for most gorgeous entrée! He ordered the Cider Braised Pork Shank with sweet & sour cabbage and celery root purée. It was a work of art. z did not leave one bite on his plate! image (2)

After a great meal, we had a lot of time to spare so we headed up to the ice rink where the Capitals practice. There was a kids league playing so we watched for a little while and amused ourselves with silly pictures!

image_2 (2)image_3 (2)

After a while, we walked down to the movie theatre to see The Descendants! It was an intense movie with some great comedic relief. We both really enjoyed it! George Clooney was great and so was my girl Shailene Woodley from my not-so-secret favorite teen show, Secret Life of an American Teenager!


Hey new iPhone :)


Slightly obsessed…


What a great date night!!


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