Pre-Thanks 2011.

2011 marked my fourth Pre-Thanks with my buddies! Remember last year?

Blog Pictures 041

Jake and Annie were our wonderful hosts this year. There were close to 20 people at Pre-Thanks and TONS of awesome food!

Hey friends.

Blog Pictures 048

The turkey was smoked again this year. This time they brined it in jalapeno juice and used a dry rub for extra flavor.

Blog Pictures 049Blog Pictures 051

This is the smoker that z (thanks to z’s sister and brother-in-law) gave to Dan and Jake last year. It has gotten some good use!

Blog Pictures 052

Lucy aka “The Goose” hung out and drank a couple beers with us.

Blog Pictures 058

The turkey smoked for over 12 hours!! TIME TO EAT!

Blog Pictures 060

z got a little taste tester…

Blog Pictures 071

Multiple types of stuffing, including a homemade vegetarian cornbread stuffing!

Blog Pictures 067

Monkey bread!

Blog Pictures 046

Serve it up!

Blog Pictures 079


Blog Pictures 080

Blog Pictures 082

Blog Pictures 086Blog Pictures 087

My beautiful plate: stuffing, monkey bread, asparagus, and yams!

Blog Pictures 089

A “rich red blend.”

Blog Pictures 091Blog Pictures 093

Turkey leg.

Blog Pictures 097

The kids got seconds…

Blog Pictures 098

Post-dinner comas.

Blog Pictures 117

The lovely hosts!

Blog Pictures 119

Dessert time.

Blog Pictures 068

Blog Pictures 125Blog Pictures 129

Dan and Keelan!

Blog Pictures 131

Bud heavy.

Blog Pictures 133

Once the Budweiser came out, we knew it was time to go home.

Seems like this year ended the same as last year…


Another great pre-thanks! So much fun!


We are so thankful to have such great friends!


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