Sunday Stock and Sunday Sweeties.

z ripped out this page in the Food and Wine Thanksgiving Issue:

Blog Pictures 041

So…he made chicken stock!

Blog Pictures 042Blog Pictures 043Blog Pictures 044Blog Pictures 045Blog Pictures 046Blog Pictures 047Blog Pictures 048

After the stock cooked for a while, we headed out to a 2-year olds birthday party. The 2-year old napped for most of the party, but we ate, got tattooed (more on that later) and chatted with our neighbors…we also got a cupcake to go!

From the party, we headed back home because we had some early Halloween visitors!!

M the Lion! Rawrrrrrrr!

Blog Pictures 002

N the Dragon! Aren’t they just precious!?

Sarah and MilesBlog Pictures 020

The ladies and their sons!

Blog Pictures 021

After hanging out with the little sweeties, z started preparing his dinner:

Pork with apple slices, brown sugar, curry, and homemade chicken stock!

Blog Pictures 028Blog Pictures 031

While the pork was baking, we watched the Steelers beat the Patriots!! Black and yellow, black and yellow! Ah, Denise – what’s on your ankle!?

Blog Pictures 032

Ah yes…the tattoo! The theme of the birthday party was CARS, so the adults got temporary tattoos! Cute, huh? That’s “Guido and Luigi” – they’re Italian.

Blog Pictures 033

z’s pork made the whole house smell great! Time for Sunday Supper.

Blog Pictures 034Blog Pictures 035Blog Pictures 036Blog Pictures 037Blog Pictures 040

I had pasta with lots of veggies and a salad.

Blog Pictures 043Blog Pictures 044Blog Pictures 045

What a Sunday! I can’t believe I got to see my three little buddies all in one day :) So cute!


I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween Weekend.


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