Louis, please stop judging me…

My new favorite Fall treat: Homemade Chai Lattes!

I steep a chai tea bag in half a mug of boiling water until it looks really strong, then I froth skim milk with my espresso maker and top it off with cinnamon!


I had cereal for breakfast. Not photogenic. Moving on.

I ate lunch after I got back from running some errands. Lunch was weird. Gardein crispy tenders, sugar snap peas, and salad.


(wow, this camera really shows how effective our dishwasher is…sarcasm)


Salad (greens, hummus, jalapenos, balsamic) in a measuring cup. Totally normal.


I had snack a little later…

I bought three jars of Biscoff Spread today. Two for me, one for a coworker…

I sliced a beautiful apple and planned to dip them in a little Biscoff. Pretty good snack, right? Well,after the apples were gone I may have gone back for a little more…


I know Louis was judging me.

“Mom, why are you eating out of the jar with a sharp knife?”

Well, Louis…sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!


I’m excited for the weekend:

Tonight is “Friday Night Date Night” and I’m hoping I can locate a pumpkin for us to carve!

Tomorrow we’re having dinner with hpants and Bruno (I can’t believe they’ve been married for over 3 months!)! I hope I remember my camera!!


feeling smiley in an apartment near Chinatown.


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