Poke Taters.

Remember my post from Thursday morning about the lovely goodness that was in the crock pot?

Well, that goodness turned in to a pretty tasty dinner! It was on from 7am until 9pm! That’s a long, slow-cooked chili and it was SPICY!

Blog Pictures 002

A little cheese and corn muffin to cool it down…

Blog Pictures 007

After dinner I got to sample a food souvenir that z brought home: Kutztown Dilly Beans! They were crunchy, briny and perfect! Yum!

Blog Pictures 008Blog Pictures 009

Friday night we decided to grill…shocking, huh? z bought all the ingredients and did all the cooking…I just drank beer :)

Blog Pictures 012Blog Pictures 015

Abita Abbey Ale!

Blog Pictures 016Blog Pictures 017Blog Pictures 019Blog Pictures 020Blog Pictures 021

Dinner is served!

Blog Pictures 023

Jack Daniels BBQ Marinated salmon on the grill with a baked potato and green salad!

Blog Pictures 025Blog Pictures 026

I’ll let you take a guess as to how much I liked this dinner…

Blog Pictures 039

Instead of dessert…we had a cuddle session with Louis! SO CUTE!

Blog Pictures 033

Pup with a headlamp!

Blog Pictures 043

I walked in to the kitchen to help with the dishes and saw z’s little reminder on the white board: “Poke Taters” HAHA!

Blog Pictures 045

Delicious meal! Thanks z!


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