Blackened Shrimp Pasta!

Yesterday wasn’t the best day for z or myself. We each had weird days and my day ended with a 1.5 hour commute. z offered to pick up some groceries for dinner which I was so grateful for. Some days I don’t know what I’d do without him!

This was a new meal creation in our house and it was definitely a keeper!

Blackened shrimp with sautéed onions and peppers over angel hair pasta!


z cooked the veggies down so that they were soft and caramelized. He covered the shrimp in some magic blackening seasoning and put them in the same pan that the veggies were cooked in. He also squeezed the juice of a whole lime on the shrimp! For times sake, z bought fresh angel hair pasta which cooks so quickly and is much tastier than the dry stuff!

Yum! Everything was cooking perfectly!



I had a lovely glass of South African Sauvignon Blanc called Indaba which complemented the spicy shrimp really nicely! I found it at Whole Foods and figured I’d try something new :)



This was seriously delicious. I was “mmm”ing throughout the whole meal!


Some people like macaroni and cheese, fried chicken, or mashed potatoes, but this right here is our comfort food! And comfort us, it did.


Cheers to better days.


2 thoughts on “Blackened Shrimp Pasta!

  1. YUM! That looks delic :) We have a bunch of [frozen] shrimps that need to be eaten- I’m thinking a shrimp pasta or risotto dish is gonna be on the menus soon!

  2. So, you both had hectic days, and yet you were ready to come over at a moment’s notice to help us out when we needed you. We are so blessed to have you both in our lives! Love, Sarah, Ryan, and Miles

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