LEV’s Bachelorette Party–NOLA Style

I am feeling much better after dealing with Shingles for a week, but I’m way behind on my blogs! Let’s move back to the joyous pre-Shingle days in New Orleans…Unfortunately I took all the pictures with my blackberry again!

I landed in NOLA on Friday, September 16th and met up with two girlfriends so we could split a cab to the hotel! We checked in and started getting ready for dinner!

Galatoire’s is a traditional, fancy New Orleans restaurant on Bourbon Street. Yes, there are fancy restaurants on Bourbon Street…I promise!


The lovelyyyy bachelorette!


Dirty Martini – when in Rome NOLA, right?


I ordered this wonderful bouillabaisse! It came with super garlicky toast! Yum!


Friday night went in to Saturday morning way too easily…We stayed on Bourbon Street until 6:30am…OUCH!

ladies on bourbon2

Saturday was interesting…there were a lot of naps, but we finally made it out to dinner at Oceana Grill around 8pm!

Delicious Bloody Mary!


Pickled green beans. Brings me back to the time hpants came to NOLA to visit me…eek.


I ordered half a dozen raw oysters because I wanted the girls to try them! Ugh, so good!


I ordered an Oyster PoBoy for my meal which was really good. I just love oysters!

Saturday night was much more tame and we headed to bed around Midnight.

Sunday morning we all met up for beignets and coffee before some people headed to the airport!


After breakfast I took CB and MadMac on the St. Charles Streetcar. I love everything Uptown so I wanted them to see it!


Magazine Street! How I’ve missed you!


PJ’s Coffee! My favorite NOLA coffee!


Because it was Sunday, we found a place that was showing all the football games!


Seafood Gumbo!


After lunch it was time to head to the airport…

NOLA was so much fun! I can’t wait for 11/5/11 :)


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