Cyclops (Warning–This is a somewhat graphic post!)

There’s a pretty good reason why I’ve been MIA. See below…

So I woke up with a very painful headache on Sunday morning which I thought was normal for a sleepless, bachelorette weekend in New Orleans.

After lots of ibuprofen, however, the headache did not stop…

The headache continued all day Monday, through six hours of class…

The headache continued all day Tuesday, through eight hours of internship…

This is where I knew we had a problem. I headed to the clinic Tuesday evening and was diagnosed with Shingles. They also suggested I go to the ER for a CT scan…

I’m sorry, did you say Shingles? I’m 27, not 57…

My parents hurried down to Virginia to pick Louis and I up because I was told I couldn’t go to school or my internship for seven whole days!

My dad took Louis to their house while my mom took me to the ER.

They saw me right away and put me in a quarantined room.

The good news: I didn’t need a CT scan.

The bad news: It’s definitely Shingles and a rash was starting to appear.

The pain began to increase and I picked up prescriptions for a week-long anti-viral and vicodin. I said goodbye to sleep…and to my right eye which was swollen shut.

If pus-filled welts gross you out…don’t scroll down!


Blog Pictures 001Blog Pictures 002

Hey Cyclops! Could be worse, I guess…

The pain was bad, but it’s Sunday and I’m feeling much better. My right eye even came back!!

Be back later with some overdue posts.


2 thoughts on “Cyclops (Warning–This is a somewhat graphic post!)

  1. So sorry you had this to contend with, sweetie! Glad to know you’ve started to be on the mend and that life will soon be back to what you call normal. Speed(ier) recovery! <3

  2. Oh no, hope things have gotten better quickly! My younger brother got shingles last spring and he was only 16… Guess it doesn’t only affect the old folks :S

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