Are you ready for some football?

Though it’s still technically Summer, it feels like Fall is rapidly approaching! Aside from the start of football season, there are big, crunchy apples at the Farmer’s Market!

Blog Pictures 004

Sunday was deck day! We replaced the 2×6’s on top of our deck because they were getting downright nasty!

Blog Pictures 009Blog Pictures 010

I helped.

Blog Pictures 011Blog Pictures 013

After we finished the deck…it was Steelers time. Unfortunately they sucked. Moving on…

Blog Pictures 015

We had RJ over for dinner to watch the Giants/Redskins game. It was a bad day for football in our house! Again, moving on…


The boys had burgers and I had an egg sandwich!

Blog Pictures 016Blog Pictures 017

An egg, cheddar, and tomato sandwich to be exact :)

Blog Pictures 018Blog Pictures 019Blog Pictures 020Blog Pictures 021

RJ made cookies and brownies which were both AWESOME. I was super stuffed!!

Blog Pictures 023

Even if the Steelers aren’t ready for some football…Louis is!

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Cheers :)


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