Sun Tea.

I love tea.

Iced tea, hot tea, black tea, mint tea, chai tea, green tea…pretty much all tea.

If there is anyone that loves tea more than I do it’s my parents. Man do they love tea! Seriously. It’s a good thing they drink decaf…

When I was younger I remember my parents putting a huge jug of water and tea bags out on the back porch to make tea!

It looked something like this:


My parents have since upgraded to one of these:



Because I don’t have either of these contraptions (and I don’t drink that much), I make it my own way. I fill up a mason jar with filtered water, drop a tea bag in there, put the lid on, and set it by the window for a while!


The nice thing about this method is that you can use any tea bag you want! I typically drink my tea unsweetened (like my parents), unless I’m sick…then I need honey with hot tea.

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Dear Mint Tea,

I love you.

Love, Denise


2 thoughts on “Sun Tea.

  1. And the author of this blog brought me some very delicious mango tea which I consumed very quickly. Yum. Thanks. Today I also finished the decaf regular normal tea. But, I love flavors as well.
    Still thinking about a guest post. Hopefully soon.

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