Breakfast by Candlelight.

As you all know, Hurricane Irene came in like a crazy woman last weekend. I was very worried about my friends and family on the East Coast, but they were all ok! I mean come on…two natural disasters in one week? Ugh…

z and I were so proud of Louis for being a trooper through both the earthquake and the hurricane. He didn’t exactly like to go potty out in the pouring rain though…

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Why are wet dogs so cute? They don’t smell great…but they are cute!

Blog Pictures 012

We slept downstairs on the couches on Saturday night because we have tall trees and we thought Louis might be scared (we let him sleep on the floor next to us instead of in the crate for the first time).  The power went out on our street at 3am Sunday morning after a night of heavy rain and strong winds.

No power meant we got to walk up the street for coffee after the rain stopped…

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We were only without power for a little over 24 hours, so I can’t really complain. We did a LOT of reading and chatting by candle and flashlight…I was so determined to finish my book that z let me use his head lamp. I looked really cool. I read 700 pages in a week…I loved The Winter Rose!


Now I’m on the third (and last) book, The Wild Rose!



I started class on Monday and I start internship in about a week…things will start getting really busy! I hope the blog doesn’t suffer!


Notorious B.I.G. just came on my iTunes, so I gotta go jam.

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