The walls start shaking, The earth was quaking…

Tuesday started like any other day…with coffee and breakfast!

Blog Pictures 012

Plain Greek yogurt, flax, sunflower seeds, sunflower seed butter, fresh raspberries, and dried blueberries!

Blog Pictures 014

It’s so ugly when it gets mixed up…

Blog Pictures 016

After breakfast and some errands, I walked to the community center to vote:


Then it was lunch time.

This was actually lunch part two (part one was a piece of leftover pizza!)…

Blog Pictures 017

Mini peppers and cucumbers with red pepper hummus and a piece of wheat bread with marinara.

Blog Pictures 018

After lunch is when things got a little, dare I say, shaken up…

I had an eye doctor appointment at 2:45 but decided to go to the mall before to make a return and browse. I was in Williams and Sonoma picking up a pizza cutter just before 2pm when the floor starting shaking. I wasn’t scared at first until the shaking got more intense. Plates and merchandise started flying off the shelves and I was terrified. The manager of the store started to put her hands over my head (bless her soul) and telling everyone to get out. I put my pizza cutter on the counter and bolted out. We had no idea what it was, because honestly…who thinks of an earthquake around here? Being so close to the Pentagon, I’ll let you imagine what I thought it was…

Anyway, it seemed as though everyone was ok so I jumped in a cab and headed towards the eye doctor which is across the street from z’s office. I honestly thought we were the only ones who felt it…but as we pulled up, everyone was evacuated. I was able to find z in the crowds (Thank God) and we walked the three miles home to check on the pup (he was fine!) because traffic was insane. After finally getting in touch with our friends and family, we were so grateful everyone was ok! Phew!

Some people are brushing it off like it wasn’t a big deal…but for many people, including myself, it was very scary. I’m so glad no one was seriously injured!


Things were pretty quiet in the neighborhood the rest of the afternoon and I was really glad to have z home. I did some reading and then made dinner for myself.

Pasta with marinara and leftover veggies that I sautéed. It was a very comforting meal after a strange day…

Blog Pictures 019Blog Pictures 021

I guess it’s a bit exciting that we got to feel a 5.8 earthquake huh? Hopefully never again…


z and I are going to a Nationals game with my parents tonight (Thanks Uncle Marty)! Should be fun and I finally get to wear my new Nats shirt to a game!


On a final note…speaking of t-shirts, I’m currently wearing my newest t-shirt, made by my friend RLo (Rich Lopez)! Love it? Want to buy one? Check him out!

Blog Picturesshirt





One thought on “The walls start shaking, The earth was quaking…

  1. What a crazy day it was- almost surreal! We love going to the Nat’s games [been multiple times this season]- a perfect summer evening activity B-) Think Strasburg will make an appearance before the end of the season?!

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