A “true” vegetarian meal, a chandelier, and an apology.

(Longest title ever?)

After Saturday’s grilling festivities (and leftovers) z said he was ready to eat vegetarian for a while. Instead of making one of our typical veggie meals (pasta or fajitas), I decided to make what I told z was, “a true vegetarian meal.” Whatever that means, haha! It was just a true veggie-packed, delicious meal.

On the menu: mashed potatoes, sautéed sage mushrooms, roasted asparagus, and bruschetta!

Blog Pictures 010

Potatoes: boiled and mashed with S&P and margarine.

Mushrooms: sautéed with olive oil, butter, sage, and S&P.

Asparagus: roasted with olive oil and S&P.

Blog Pictures 002

Bruschetta: grape tomatoes, red onion, garden basil, S&P, olive oil, and balsamic syrup (served on toast).

Blog Pictures 006

z and I really enjoyed this meal! Different, delicious, and just what the doctor ordered!

Blog Pictures 007

Ok, moving away from food briefly! We did a little rearranging/decorating in our house and I am loving the way everything came together!

We purchased this new beautiful piece from Crate and Barrel because we wanted a TV stand, one that didn’t look like an ugly media center, but also had a place to hide all the wires and cords! It looks so much simpler and I just think the wood is gorgeous!

Blog Pictures 021

The old “tv stand” was really just a table and wasn’t really functional. Instead of getting rid of it, we repurposed it!

Check out our new bar area!

Blog Pictures 019

Holy cow, what is that crazy red thing in the top left of the picture??

Blog Pictures 020

Our new funky, red chandelier!! LOVE!

Blog Pictures 009

A couple new touches that made a big difference!

Now to end on a sweet note…z brought these lilies home for me today. He said he was on a conference “paw” with Louis today and was instructed (by the dog) to bring me flowers as an apology for chewing up my new TOMS.

Blog Pictures 018

Sad day for my shoes, good day otherwise ;)


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